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Professional representation for business sales and acquisitions.

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The various factors that affect the value of a business

Valuing a business can be difficult.

There are multiple factors that can affect the value of a business, including its financial independence, financial performance and expected growth trajectory.

Our on-line business valuation calculator provides an estimate of value by analysing key attributes proven to be of paramount importance when evaluating business value.

Utilising this independent and unbiased tool can help business owners considering the sale of a business understand how these factors affect the value of their company.

We have years of experience successfully completing 'middle market' business sales (deal values of £1m-£50m). We would be pleased to talk you through your 'Value Builder Report' and provide expert guidance on the value of your business.

The Benefits of Using our Business Valuation Calculator

We welcome business owners with a turnover of £1m and greater to utilise our business value assessment service free of charge.

Using our independent business valuation calculator allows you to take a look at your business from a buyer’s perspective. Our expert advice can help you understand your business value and your 'Value Builder Score'.

This knowledge will provide you with realistic expectations of what to expect should you choose to sell your business. Our expertise combined with your report will provide you with straight forward advice to help resolve any issues that might deter buyers from making an offer, and potentially increase any consideration you might receive.

Utilising our Online Business Valuation Calculator

It takes less than 15 minutes to utilise our free valuation calculator and receive a free estimate of value and your 'Value Builder Score' Report.

Once your report and estimate of value is generated we will email your report to you and contact you by phone to explain the calculator’s findings and answer any questions you might have. Our free consultation service is completely confidential and will provide you with expert advice, and guidance. From our specialist business valuation calculator service, to our ethical engagement policy, our priority is to ensure you have the information you require to make an informed decision when considering the timing and possibility of a business sale.

Honest and Realistic Valuations from an Expert Business Broker

Our brokerage is led by a highly experienced senior partner, providing dedicated 24/7 support to a small group of clients.

Each client receives the advice and guidance necessary to ensure their transaction is expertly managed to completion. Driven by our core values of honesty and integrity we will never inflate a valuation in order to secure the business of a potential client. We use our wealth of knowledge and experience to help all of our clients realise the true potential value of their business.

As a boutique company, we only engage a client when we are confident we can achieve their value and timescale expectations. We help all our clients understand the likelihood of a successful transaction, and guide business owners through a comprehensive presale process. This allows us to properly understand a business and identify any issues that need to be addressed before marketing a business for sale.

For expert advice on the value of your business complete the questionnaire or call us on 0333 3440 778 to arrange a free accounts based valuation. In most cases we can provide a same day response to quickly provide you with a detailed understanding of the value of your business.

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