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Talk to an M&A expert about selling your food manufacturing business today and receive free expert advice.

Sell a food manufacturing business with our expert help

Are you considering selling a food manufacturing business?

Sell your food manufacturing business with the expert help of a dedicated business sales professional. 

If you are considering selling a food manufacturing business, Hyde House has the industry knowledge and relevant experience to manage the sales process to a successful completion.


Is now the right time to explore the sale of a food manufacturing business?

Food and drink manufacturers make up the largest portion of the UK manufacturing sector the demand for acquisitions in the SME sector will continue to grow.

Despite all the disturbance caused by Covid-19 deals are still being done. It is also worth bearing in mind that a business sale can take up to 12 months and preparation is often required before marketing the business for sale can commence.

If you would like to gain an understanding of the current and potential future value of your food manufacturing business we would highly recommend taking advantage of our free consultation. We can help you understand the factors that affect your business valuation and maybe able to identify actions to take to increase value.

How can Hyde House find the right buyer for a food manufacturer?

Hyde House can connect you to a range of buyer types within the UK and internationally by making use of an extensive research program and a far-reaching network of corporate finance and deal-making professionals. We do not rely on advertising or mass mailing - instead we make discreet but direct approaches to suitable and qualified merger targets.

Hyde House combines this proactive approach to marketing a business for sale with the expert negotiation skills of an experienced senior partner, thereby securing the best possible offers for your food manufacturing business.

A competitive service at an affordable price


As a boutique business brokerage, Hyde House provides a competitive service at an affordable price that is always led by a dedicated senior partner.

This comprehensive M&A service provides you with all the support you will require throughout the complex and emotional business sale process, whilst our expert and industry-specific knowledge will add substantial value to any transaction.

Free consultation and valuation for food manufacturing business owners

If you are considering using our services, we will provide a free valuation and consultation regarding the potential sale of your food manufacturing business.

To arrange your consultation please call us on 0333 3440 778 to speak to a business sales expert today.

Please note that we understand the demands a business places on an owner-manager and can facilitate a meeting or phone consultation at your convenience including outside of regular office hours.

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