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Get connected with the right buyers for your business.

Three great reasons to speak to an expert advisor about selling your business today...


1. Reputable advice - No hard sell

2. Free consultation and realistic valuations

3. Competitive fees and transparent terms

0333 3440 778 -

Our core guiding principles for selling a business

Opus Hyde House Business Brokers operates under a set of core guiding principles.

Our fully advised and relationship based service is competitive and provides all the support a business owner will need to successfully complete their transaction.


Maximum value

Our business sale expertise and experience combined with our proficiency for engaging with potential buyers of all types allows us to attract and manage offers to find the right buyer for your business. Our professional business sale process will help you to sell a business for maximum value.


Deals led by a dedicated Senior Partner

The entire sales process is handled by a senior partner who is available to provide guidance and support on a 24/7 basis. As an expert M&A advisor, we comprehensively manage every step of the transaction, including attending every meeting and working on a personal basis with all parties and advisers involved.


Get connected with the right buyers

We use a discreet multi-channel approach to identify and confidentially contact potential buyers.

Our marketing process is entirely proactive and makes use of connections to an international network of many buyer types.


No hidden fees or charges

Our fees are simple, competitive and transparent and are based upon a successful completion.

We never charge large upfront engagement fees.


Transparent terms

Our terms of business are deliberately simplified to one single side of A4.


Our clients can be confident that they fully understand and receive the standard of service necessary to complete a complex business sale.


Professional representation - A complete end-to-end service

We are committed to providing a comprehensive, fully advised and tailored end-to-end service that satisfies every single one of our clients.


Whether your turnover is £1m or £20m we are dedicated to successfully completing the sale of your business on the best possible terms.

Concentrating our efforts on larger more established businesses (turnover of £1m+) allows us to dedicate more time and resources to individual clients.


Our whole philosophy is based around providing a hands-on and relationship based advisory service.


Our clients are chaperoned through their transaction by a senior partner with the skills and experience required to complete a business sale on the best possible terms.

How much is your business really worth?

Ask an expert and find out today, free of charge.

Our initial consultation and valuation is free of charge and will provide you with advice on value, deal structure and the likelihood of a successful sale.

We can help you take a look at your business from a buyers perspective, identifying selling points and weaknesses, helping you to consider the timing and possibility of an exit.

To arrange a valuation or consultation please call us on: 0333 3440 778

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