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Professional representation for business sales and acquisitions.

Business Broker Hertfordshire

A specialist business broker covering all of Hertfordshire, we focus on selling medium sized business enterprises with a turnover of £1m - £20m.

Selling a business can be a life changing event and for many business owners it is the largest single financial transaction they will ever undertake.

Given the importance of a business sale it is important that you have the right representation to find the right buyers, manage the negotiations and provide expert advice throughout the sale.

Our fees are based on a percentage of the consideration of the sale value which means our priority is obtaining the highest transaction value by presenting your business at its best to the most appropriate potential buyers.

Business Brokers coviering the Herfordshire area

Business Broker Hertfordshire: Why Choose Opus Hyde House Business Brokers?

Providing a specialist business broker service in and around Hertfordshire for larger businesses only we can focus our expertise solely on completing each of our clients transactions.

We handle the entire sale process from the initial research stages, guiding you through each step, providing expert advice whenever needed.

In addition to this, our professional knowledge that comes from successfully trading as a business broker in and around Hertfordshire for many years, means we can actively manage both the marketing and project management of a transaction right through to completion.

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The Advantages Of Choosing A Business Broker Local to Hertfordshire

Identifying and engaging expert advice that you can trust is vital when undertaking a business sale.

Our ethical engagement policy means you can rely on us to provide an honest and realistic valuation of your business.

As an expert business broker in Hertfordshire we can connect you with the buyers that are most appropriate for your business.

We employ a multi-channelled approach, ensuring that not only do you receive the right offer, you also identify the right buyer. Being a specialist business broker in Hertfordshire, we have a strong network of peer to peer connections, and can ensure we maximise business value to its full potential.

Free valuation and consultation

If you are considering selling your business now or in the future, our expert business brokers in Hertfordshire can provide you with invaluable advice. 

We would be happy to provide you with a confidential and no-obligation consultation and valuation. Talk to one of our partners today, we will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding the sale of your business.

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