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Corporate finance advisory services for company disposals and MBO / MBI

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Hyde House Corporate Finance

Hyde House Corporate Finance - Corporate Finance Advisors

Expert guidance and professional representation for acquisitions, business sales, divestitures, business transfers, mergers and management buyouts.


Our corporate finance advisory services are led by a senior partner who will chaperone you through your transaction. Negotiating and managing the deal on your behalf and providing straightforward guidance throughout the complexities of the process.

We offer M&A advice and access to funding from an extensive network of specialists.

Funds can be made available for mergers and acquisitions as well as inward investment, the funding of start-ups, MBO's, business angel finance, specialist venture capital support, access to asset finance and bank support.

Company Disposals:

  • We sell businesses for maximum value and connect you to the right buyers.

  • A fully managed business sale service led by a senior partner.

  • Expert guidance & negotiation.

  • Highly experienced team and expert negotiation ensures the very best terms and the highest possible value for your business.

Management Buy Outs:

  • Enabling management teams to achieve their MBO aspirations.

  • Deal structuring and financial packages.

  • Expert negotiation of terms and shareholder issues.

  • Complete end-to-end management of the deal including funding and due diligence.

Buying out a business partner

Hyde House offers a full advisory and relationship based service. We can negotiate the terms of the transaction and strategically plan an effective and affordable payment solution to ensure a successfully structured and amicable buy-out of the business.

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