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Speak to an expert advisor about selling your business today...

  • Reputable advice - No hard sell

  • Free consultation and valuation

  • Competitive Fees

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Business Transfer Agents - Hyde House Business Brokers

If you are considering selling your business we can quickly help you establish:

The value of your business

Before we formally engage a client we prefer them to receive our initial views on value. At an initial consultation we will personally assess the financial performance of the business as well as the business model, business assets and any IP. We can then provide you with an accurate and credible appraisal of value and likelihood of sale.

Complimentary valuation of your business

The best process for identifying the right buyers

Hyde House will professionally and discreetly market your business for sale based on extensive research into likely buyers and its international reach, utilising our network of professional deal makers and advisers.

Marketing a business for sale

The extra dimensions to our service

Having agreed a valuation and found you the right buyer for your business on agreed terms, Hyde House will continue to actively manage the entire process of due diligence and legal contracts right through to completion, providing an invaluable end-to-end service.

Arrange your expert consultation to receive expert advice on a no obligation basis.

Hyde House adds value at every stage of the process

By managing the process at each stage we consistently achieve the best terms and maximum value for our clients.

Wholesale / Import Business Owner
"We were faced at every turn with complications when trying to sell our business. Hyde House never faltered but faced every challenge and overcame them even where others had previously failed".


Director Software Company
"The process of selling this business has been an emotional journey and one that would have not be achievable without the advice, negotiation and relationship skills Hyde House brought to the table".


Speak to a Business Transfer Agent


We offer a free consultation and valuation on a no-obligation basis.

Call us on 0333 3440 778 to have all your questions about selling a business answered by a business transfer expert. 

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