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Industrial Printing




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Corporate Finance Services for the Printing Sector

Sell a printing or packaging business with our expert help


With our experience of the printing sector we can help you to accurately value your printing business and quickly identify potential buyers. A senior partner will then manage the offer process and negotiations working with all the professionals involved to secure the best possible terms and value.

Helping the owners of printing businesses to find the right buyers


In order to identify the right buyers for a printing business we undertake an extensive research effort to discover competing and synergistic businesses, consolidators and larger printing groups with the financial capability and the desire to complete an acquisition.

Discreet approaches are made to these identified potential buyers on a 'no-names basis'.

This direct approach allows us to quickly and efficiently generate interest in our clients business. We qualify our leads and manage the initial discussions with potential buyers before chaperoning our clients through the introductions, presenting the business at its very best.

‘I would just like to say on behalf of the management team and I a big thank you for all your hard work in procuring JS. I thought you demonstrated tremendous persistence.’

MD of Printing Group

Expert deal management for business sales


Our transactions are fully managed, our clients are expertly advised through every step of the sale. From the initial valuation to completion of the transaction our professional representation is there to support you. All negotiations and the due diligence process are handled by our senior partner on your behalf.

Start planning your exit with a free consultation and valuation


Call us today on 0333 3440 778 to start planning your exit, book a consultation with a business sales expert who will take a close and confidential look at your business model and financial performance.

This review of your business will provide you with an understanding of the business sale process, common mistakes to avoid and the potential routes to exit for your business.

Talk to Hyde House about the sale of your rental business

Take advantage of our free consultation and valuation session to receive expert advice on the sellability, value and the potential routes to exit of your equipment rental business.

To arrange a consultation or to simply talk to an adviser about the possibility of a sale

call us on 0333 3440 778 or email:

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