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Hyde House concludes the sale of UK based ProtecX Medical to USA based Burlington Medical.

Hyde House is delighted to announce that we have successfully concluded the acquisition of ProtecX Medical by Burlington Medical for an undisclosed sum.

ProtecX is the manufacturer of aprons and clothing warn by medical and veterinary professionals based in Hertfordshire and primarily serving the NHS within the UK and supported by worldwide distributors.

Burlington Medical a leading USA based manufacturer of radiation protective clothing and accessories.

Hyde House was instructed to secure a buyer for the business following the retirement of one of the shareholders. After extensive research and market evaluation we identified substantial market interest within the USA.

Ultimately Burlington Medical sees the opportunity to secure manufacturing ability within the UK from where it plans not only to grow the ProtecX range of products but also to introduce its own range of products to the UK and Europe.

Debra Clark MD of ProtecX said:

"I can't commend Hyde House strongly enough for their incredible efforts in securing such a high profile buyer for this business, the process was arduous but Hyde House expertly managed the transaction and without their hands on support at all times I doubt this business sale could have come to fruition.

I would recommend Hyde House to any business owner considering selling their business."

Barry Parsons Managing Partner Hyde House said:

"This is yet another international success, Hyde House has demonstrated its ability to reach out internationally to high profile buyers who are seeking a foothold in the UK and Europe."

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