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Hyde House does more to connect you with the right buyers for your business

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Our proactive approach to advertising a business for sale

Choosing a broker or a transfer agent to advertise your business for sale can be very difficult.

When making your decision you should be sure that you understand how your broker or agent will go about finding a buyer for your business. 


When selling a business of a substantial size you should not rely on advertising alone

Advertising can lead to some surprising results but often is not the best source of buyers.

Relying on advertising a business for sale in this way does not achieve the best results

  • Your advert is one of thousands and is lost in the crowd

  • There is no guarantee that the right buyer is actively looking to make an acquisition

  • There is a high probability the right buyer will not stumble upon your advert

  • You are reliant on a buyer making an enquiry

What is the alternative?

Our team has developed and fine tuned its marketing process to consistently deliver results for business owners like you. We limit the number of clients we work with in order to dedicate the necessary resources required to provide you with a proactive marketing campaign.

We proactively search for and approach buyers in order to secure the best offers. 

Pay for results - We don’t just advertise your business for sale. We manage the entire process and provide expert advice and guidance to secure the best offers, and to drive the deal through to completion.

Research & Direct Discreet Approaches

  • Advanced data solutions to create list of potential buyers.

  • Discreet confidential approaches to potential buyers with a professional teaser document.

  • Actively seeking out buyers through research and confidential marketing activities.

  • Targeting buyers who may be competitors, synergistic businesses or investors.

Our Network:

  • Network of potential buyers nurtured through successful transactions.

  • We have cultivated a network of business professionals, HNWs, Private Equity groups, Corporate Finance Professionals and investment bankers in the UK and abroad.

  • Using this peer-to-peer network produces fantastic results for our clients.

Professional Advertising

  • Total coverage of the major and broker-only deal boards.

  • A member of Axial Market an international corporate finance community.

  • We manage the enquiries and present your business at its very best.

  • Professionally designed, detailed adverts whether for print or on-line.

So much more than an advertising service

Discover how we can advertise your business for sale and manage the deal through to completion.

Or call and speak to Ross Parsons the partner responsible the for marketing and advertising services we provide to our clients.







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