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Learn about the basic process of a business acquisition andhow our service drives the deal forward to completion.

1. Identifying Targets

Identify and research appropriate targets for acquisition. Our search includes Europe, Asia and the Americas.

2. Professional approach to targets

Confidential, discreet and direct approaches, at the CEO level, to appropriate businesses and their advisers including venture capital, private equity firms and other corporate finance professionals.

3. Qualifying acquisition targets 

Evaluate initial responses and qualify genuine targets. Secure NDA and exchange salient business information.

4. Qualifying acquisition targets 

Establish potential deal size and requirements and ability of the target to undertake and complete the process.

5. Arrange initial meetings

Arrange preliminary and confidential meetings with the shortlisted acquisition targets.

6. Managing and negotiating offers

Having established a genuine chemistry and appetite for a transaction begin the process of agreeing an offer letter. Also known as the ‘heads of terms’.

7. Managing Due Diligence

Manage the due diligence streams:

- Financial
- Commercial
- Legal

8. Completing the transaction

Working with all the deal professionals and as a team with the appointed lawyer ensuring the deal structure is right for the client.

9. Post completion services

Optional Post completion integration and board services.

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