Value Builder Tool

Calculate an estimate of value for your business.

(Suitable for £1m+ turnover businesses)

The Value Builder System is an independent tool which uses an algorithm to analyse your business. Complete the questionnaire to receive a free estimate of value and a report explaining the various factors that affect your business valuation. (Takes 10-15 minutes to complete)

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Please complete the form below to receive a free estimate of business value.

The Value Builder Report helps you understand the factors that affect value.

Factors that affect a business valuation include:


Financial Performance

Often a little financial house keeping is in order to facilitate a business sale.


Growth Potential

A professional investor will buy your business with a view to future growth.


Suppliers, customers and employees

Is the business overly reliant on a supplier, customer or employee?



Can you reduce the amount of capital a potential buyer will need to keep invested the business to cover operating costs?


Recurring Revenue

Businesses with recurring revenue are typically more valuable and sought after.


Competitive advantage

Can your business maintain a competitive advantage over your competition?


Customer Satisfaction

Can you demonstrate customer satisfaction to a potential buyer?


Management Structure

To be valuable to an acquirer, your business must be able to continue to grow without you.