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Are you considering buying out your business partner?
Talk to a corporate finance professional.

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Buying out a business partner with our professional assistance


There are a multitude of reasons why you may wish to buy out a business partner. Your partner may simply wish to retire or step aside for personal reasons. You may find yourself in an non-constructive working environment and may need to take control of the business.

Whatever the reason, completing the buy-out on the best terms and structuring the deal so that it is fair and affordable can be a very complex challenge.

Hyde House offers a full advisory and relationship based service. We can negotiate the terms of the transaction and strategically plan an effective and affordable payment solution to ensure a successfully structured and amicable buy-out of the business.

Don’t assume that the shareholders agreement is set in stone


Utilising the skills of the right negotiator who understands what you are trying to achieve will make all the difference to the transaction and is vital to achieve fair distribution of funds at completion despite what might have previously been agreed with fellow shareholders. Hyde House can act as an intermediary managing all aspects of the process while protecting your best interests.

Understanding the goals and targets of the management buy out


Before beginning the buy-out process it is imperative that the management team set goals and targets. These should not only cover the maximum consideration management will be expected to pay but should focus on the structure of the payment/s and whether the business is to be bought out completely or whether the owner is to retain an interest in the business.

Raising finance to purchase business equity

Financing may be essential to a successful completion. Hyde House can help you the business owner and the management team access the funds required and may be able to negotiate a deferred payment plan that may bring more certainty to a deal.

Mediation and the importance of a third party


Understandably the shareholders of a business will be heavily emotionally invested in the company and will of course be very wary of not receiving the full consideration they feel they deserve.

These emotive pressures can often lead to personality clashes in an un-constructive manner and differences can escalate crashing the deal and negatively affecting the running of the business after the failed transaction.


A professional third party who is not emotionally involved in the buy-out process can bring clarity and understanding to the discussions and ensure a fair agreement is reached and the buy-out completed in a timely fashion.

Hyde House can offer assistance throughout every step of the deal, resolving the issues that will be encountered and manage the relationship of the shareholders and other business professionals such as solicitors and accountants.


Hyde House will ensure that the business professionals involved acting for all parties work in unison towards the common goal of a successful completion.

Contact us today to talk to an advisor on a confidential and no-obligation basis.

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