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Sell a Manufacturing Business


Manufacturing businesses sold for maximum value and on the best possible terms.

Talk to an M&A expert about selling your manufacturing business today and receive free expert advice.

Sell a manufacturing business with our expert advisory service

If you are looking to sell a manufacturing business, Hyde House has extensive industry experience and can provide you with an affordable advisory service.

Hyde House connects manufacturing businesses to the right buyers and manages the entire sales process to a successful completion.

Finding the right buyer for your manufacturing business

We identify and make professional approaches to a range of buyer types both in the UK and internationally.


This multi-channel marketing process enables us to find the right buyer for your manufacturing business.

Through our network of corporate finance professionals and an extensive research program.


Our marketing specialist makes active and direct approaches to suitable buyers, maintaining discretion at all times; we never rely on advertising or mass mailing.

Testimonial - Manufacturer sold for £12m to USA Private Equity Group

We manufacture automatic flushing valves used all around the word in airport, shopping centres and office blocks.


When the time came to sell the business, Hyde House showed an immediate appreciation of the uniqueness of our business and demonstrated why it would be an attractive proposition to larger trade buyers and other investment firms.

Having provided top quality information about our business, Hyde House demonstrated how well connected they are across the globe by introducing various domestic and international buyers.


The process involved demonstrating our products on site and again Hyde House attended and managed every meeting ensuring that there was consistency in our pitch and presentations.

Ultimately we sold for a value that exceeded expectations under a structure that worked well for both parties. 

A boutique business brokerage that provides an affordable service


Hyde House’s services are affordable yet always managed by a senior partner who provides professional representation throughout the entire transaction.

We manage all aspects of a sale, our aim is to provide you with peace of mind during the complex and emotional business sale process.

Adding value to a transaction through our expert advice, industry-specific knowledge, comprehensive buyer research and our network of corporate finance professionals.

Discover the true value of your business

We offer an initial consultation and valuation free of charge.

Receive expert advice on the value of your manufacturing business and the potential routes to sale.


Call us on 0333 3440 778 to speak to a business sale expert today. 

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