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Sell a wholesale business with our expert help

If you are considering selling a wholesale business, Hyde House can offer a business sales advisory service founded on knowledge and expertise specific to the wholesale industry.


With proven success of managing the sale of wholesale businesses to completion, Hyde House is a business brokerage that can contribute industry specific knowledge to the sales process, as well as M&A expertise. Having sold both niche and general wholesale businesses, Hyde House’s experience will enable you to realize the highest deal value possible.

Finding the right buyer for your wholesale business


Hyde House takes a distinctively proactive approach when identifying potential buyers, and will connect your business with the right buyer. We identify suitable, credible buyers through an extensive and proven research program, and make direct yet discreet approaches before proceeding to secure the best possible deal.


Hyde House also make use of its extensive international network of corporate finance professionals and deal makers to identify potential buyers,

An affordable and professional service tailored to your business


Hyde House is known for being a boutique brokerage that takes a personalised, hands-on approach to the entire sales process, including deal management. And ensuring support and guidance is expertly delivered by a senior partner at every stage of the sales process,

Hyde House provides a truly comprehensive service and, as a result, supplies its clients with peace of mind throughout what can otherwise be an emotionally charged process.

Importantly, our services are affordable – whilst adding significant value to the sale of any wholesale business.

Proven success with wholesale businesses - We sell wholesale businesses where others fail.

Case study: Wholesaler / Importer of specialist clothing items

The client, a family business, had grown massively by exploiting a niche wholesale opportunity and sourcing goods from abroad. They had been previously approached by a group claiming to be able to sell their business and had consequently attended a seminar. After parting with a substantial upfront fee it became clear that the firm, despite its claims of being able to find numerous buyers, was in fact unable to help.

Hyde House quickly found a private buyer however the buyer was subsequently let down by his bank. Hyde House connected the buyer with a source of funds and restarted the negotiation process.

Having established a deal at heads of terms with all parties committed to succeed, the due diligence process then unearthed a major issue: the business had been advised to take a tax planning product involving the use of trust funds. Having sought advice from leading tax and accounting firms the buyer was able to illustrate that the potential liability under the trust when closed and unwound by the HMRC would be huge. Having taken independent advice to collaborate this claim it became clear that the deal was in serious jeopardy.

However, Hyde House brought all the parties together and was able to deliver a solution involving deferred payment and the use of ESCROW while jointly negotiating with the HMRC, ensuring a successful completion in spite of these considerable challenges. 

Client Testimonial 

"We were faced at every turn with complications when trying to sell our business. Hyde House never faltered but faced every challenge and overcame them even where others had previously failed".

Discover the true value of your wholesale business

To discover whether our services are right for you and your wholesale business, take advantage of our free consultation. Including a valuation and advisory session at no cost, our consultations are confidential, held on a no obligation basis, and can be arranged at your convenience.

To arrange a consultation or to simply talk to an advisor about the possibility of a sale

call us on 0333 3440 778 or email:

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