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Business Acquisition Management Services

We identify and contact targets and manage business acquisitions to completion.

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  • Strategic acquisition services

  • Free sample of research data

  • Competitive Fees

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Ajax Wireless Alarm Installation:

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Wireless alarm systems supplied, fitted and tested by our professional engineer.

We supply a totally free, no obligation quote to advise you of precisely what the price will be before carrying out any work.


Giving you peace of mind that you are not going to be hit for any extra charges at the end of the job. 

Our comprehensive business acquisition service

Hyde House successfully acquires businesses. We work closely with our clients to create and research a profile of the type of business that is sought for acquisition.


Appropriate targets are identified through detailed research and confidential approaches are made to start initial discussions even if the target is not ‘one the market’.

We manage the entire process. including making the initial offer and negotiating subsequent counter offers, agreeing the deal terms and assisting with the due diligence process. We provide support at every step of the acquisition to ensure your transaction is successful.

Identifying businesses for acquisition

We take the time to understand your criteria and our bespoke search and find service enables us to access UK businesses but also businesses across the globe.

All potential ‘targets’ are meticulously qualified and approached confidentially.

Hyde House is internationally networked to vendors via deal makers, private equity and venture capital firms as well as lawyers and accountants.


We are able to access business intelligence and companies for sale that are not advertised on the open market.

Professional confidential marketing

Hyde House keeps your intentions intensely private by acting as your confidential intermediary in the acquisition process.

You may be seeking to acquire a competitor who will of course be very nervous about sharing business information.


We are able to ‘unlock’ the route to a successful transaction through third party and sensitive negotiation thus avoiding any conflict of agenda or personality.

Boutique M&A advisory service led by an expert

Hyde House is a boutique corporate finance firm providing and end-to-end acquisition service.


We provide expert guidance and assistance throughout all negotiations, heads of terms and the complex legal and due diligence processes.


We can also assist in the post acquisition integration and business strategy too, ensuring your acquisition has every chance of succeeding.

Raising acquisition finance

Hyde House has extensive experience in the financial services sector. We can help you secure a finance package from a wide range of funders to enable the purchase of a company across a broad range of sectors.

Hyde House has access to:

  • Asset based funding

  • Invoice Discounting and Factoring

  • Private equity

Completing the deal

A senior partner will represent and protect your interests at every meeting and lead all negotiations to ensure the deal is completed within your timescale and under the best possible terms.

Contact us to arrange a meeting to talk to an expert.

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