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Private Equity – The right buyer for your business?

It is often the case that owners reach a point where they have grown and taken their business as far as they can without significant further investment.


This is sometimes referred to as ‘plateauing ‘.

Private Equity firms have the resources and scope to pick up the baton and take a business to new heights by investing further funds, strengthening the management team and maximising opportunities by reaching out to their extensive network of senior business professionals and contacts across multiple business sectors.

Private Equity firms are often the best buyers as they are clear on what they wish to achieve.


They will have the funds available to make business acquisitions and to invest further funds post sale for strategic growth.


For some owners a further advantage of Private Equity is that businesses legacy is often protected as they will  wish to further develop the existing business model in order to make good returns on their investment.

It is also the case that often a speedier completion can be achieved and the business owners and acquiring PE firm will work together through Hyde House to create a deal structure that is beneficial to both parties.

Call today to discover if a PE sale might be right for your business.

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Hyde House enjoys a successful working relationship with Private Equity firms

If you represent a PE firm and wish to register a profile of the types of businesses your firm wishes to purchase, please contact us today to discuss how we can notify you of appropriate opportunities as they arise.

We also offer a search and find service that can identify potential investment opportunities and act as a confidential third party to make discreet approaches to businesses not advertised as being for sale on the open market.

Speak to a Partner to register your interest in making an acquisition .

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