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How do you value a business?

Read about the various methods brokers and corporate finance advisors use to value a business.

Or contact us today, we offer a free indication of value for business owners considering a sale.

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Request a free business valuation

Do you require a valuation because you are considering selling a business? 

Owners of businesses with a turnover of £1m+ who are considering using our services to sell are eligible for a business valuation free of charge*.

Discover what your business is really worth with a free valuation provided by an expert Business Broker.

Our valuations and advice on business sales are provided on a confidential and no-obligation basis.


We provide realistic value expectations to business owners to allow them to properly consider the timing and possibility of a business sale.

How to value a business?

How does an expert business broker value a business for sale?

Learn how to value a business and about the different factors and issues that can affect business valuations.

Gain an understanding of the various methods used to estimate business value and discover how you can set realistic value expectations and goals.

Business valuation methods:

  • A multiple of EBITDA

  • A multiple of the business annual turnover

  • A multiple of the net profits

  • A valuation based on the balance sheet

  • Discounted cash flow

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