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Should I sell my business?

Making the decision to sell can be very difficult, here are some pointers to make sure you are ready.

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The Decision to sell a business

The decision to sell a business might be the biggest financial decision you will ever have to make.


It is important to decide why you want to sell and what selling your business will allow you to do in the future.


Business Valuation

If you can clearly set out what your objectives are you can enter the process with certainty of what you wish to accomplish and also find an understanding of what your selling price needs to be to make it sensible to sell.

We can provide you with realistic value expectations and an understanding of what performance increases would be necessary to match your value aspirations.

Handover Period

Most buyers will require the vendor to remain with the business for a short period of time after the sale.  The period may depend on whether the deal structure involves deferred consideration, an earn out or ‘all cash’.


Preserving Business Legacy

Business Legacy can be incredibly important to many business owners.

For many owners their business is the culmination of their life’s work they want to know that their legacy is protected post sale by ensuring the operation remains located in the same buildings and that the staff are retained and rewarded.

Terms such as a commitment to continue manufacturing in a certain area can help preserve your businesses legacy.

Risk and dependency

There maybe issues with your business that you have not anticipated. Over dependency on a person or customer increases risk and reduced value and desirability of a business. 

Ideally your business should be able to run without your input and oversight.

The emotional journey of selling a business

We understand the emotional journey of selling a business through first hand experience of starting, growing and selling successful businesses of our own. 

Barry Parsons Managing Partner has personally raised over £30m of business debt and equity for his own ventures and would be delighted to talk to you regarding the sale of your business.

If you would like a free consultation with Barry please contact us.


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